I am ordering parts for my build. I was going to get a 7770 XFX Core Edition GHz Edition 1GB. Any better card for under 120 USD??


Thanks, Cameron
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  1. Sumukh_Bhagat said:

    Is it the best for the buck?? :??:
  2. There's the sapphire 7770 ghz edition, it's cheaper :

    But forget about the crossfire thing, i wouldn't recommend going with two 7770...
  3. If you have 1 in past then you can Crossfire this only.
  4. Why wouldn't you recomend Crossfire with 2 7770's??

    And is there any card under 120 USD that will be faster than the 7770??
  5. No there's no other card cheaper/better under 120$, because unless you have already one 7770, it's not worth it, the scaling isn't that good, you're gonna get a lot of micro-stuttering with low-end cards, also the driver support for crossfire and support of the games is not good, sometimes you'll have better fps with a single card than the two in crossfire.
  6. Not everyone has a frigging GTX 680 and i7 Extreme. I just want to know what the best card under $125 is. I have a limited budget. I just want to know the anwser to my question. Not the problems with cheap cards. I don't have any GPU yet.

    Anybody else have an input? Can be AMD or Nvidia.
  7. Well i was talking about crossfire the 7770, not bashing the 7770, it's a good card for it's price.
    No for that price, the best you'll get is a 7770, the 650 ti is a bit more expensive than that.
  8. Just to confirm: The 7770 is the best card for under $125?? Will award best answer if comment is replied to.
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  10. Thats a big Prize :lol:
    Yes it is.
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  12. Thank you for the help. Best answer awarded to most helpful answer.

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