XP PC won't connect to network

Trying to fix a XP computer that doesn't seem to connect to the network (wired LAN) via a Realtek RT8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC. I don't have the network symbol in the task bar for some reason (the two over lapping computers) and when just clicking "repair local area connection" it can't renew the IP.
I've tried:
- new drivers
- ipconfig /renew and /release
- cable check (the same cable and connection works for other pc's)
- pinging the hub with 100% fail despite hub recording a ping
- checking IP settings are automatic
- winsock
- device manager (says everything is fine)
- system restore

Any ideas people?
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  1. no big fix for you but so more things to try

    is the hub/switch Gigabit if not check settings on pc is set to auto speed or set it to 100full
    set a static ip try and force a conection that way
    Delete the card from device manager let windows reinstall it(have had some problems with windows update updating Realtek drivers and then not being able to conect to anything) .
    will it work with a diffrent card in the pc.
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