Is a 550w PSU enough for 6950 crossfire?


I currently have the following build:

intel 3570k clocked to 4.2ghz with hyper 212
8gb corsair vengeance ram
3TB seagate HDD
60gb sata3 SSD
Zalman z11+
550w OCZ pro PSU
HD 6950 2GB overclocked to 6970.

I currently have another 6950 which is also overclocked to 6970, and i was wondering if a 550w would be safe with this.

Im 90% percent sure, it is not reccomended, but in a few months i shall be upgrading my PSU to possibly 750w+

but would it be safe for a few months?

Also, im sure the overclock to 6970 is definately a no no for 550w, and im prepared to use both 6950's at stock clocks

Any help is appreciated
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  1. Sorry its not the OCZ psu, its an XFX 550w PSU.
  2. A single should be plenty efficient, a 550W might struggle with Crossfiring it.
  3. krishan755 said:
    Sorry its not the OCZ psu, its an XFX 550w PSU.

    LOL The OCZ no way but the XFX sure.
  4. my old 2X560ti was running on an 500w Antec NeoHE however it was rated 500w continous so that was a 6-700 peak watt capable psu... Try it and if it reboots, shut down or freeze, change the psu for a stronger...

    It should be capable but if you we're planning 10 years, no as the closer the limit, the shorter the life of the psu... (plan to use about 50% of it to ensure the longest reliability and efficiency...)

    PS: for info 2 560ti + a Q6600 @ 4.05ghz was pulling about 400watts at the wall when at very max load, but in gaming, it was more 250-300 all the time...
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