Game crashes in my Pc

Dude...Just help me out please........

When I play games like darksiders, fifa13, nfs, etc. it works fine at the beginning with high settings but later it appears as the game is stopped working
(windows is checking a solution for this problem).....

I use 775hd gpu ddr5 n Intel core 2 duo 2.53 Ghz proccy with 3gb ddr2 ram........

Help me out to get the solution please....!!!
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  1. Core 2 duo is coming to the end of its lifespan, but I have a similar setup that runs crysis at ultra, over 40 fps. I'd guess that since the games start well that your software and drivers are fine. Hows your case dealing with heat? What kind of PS do you use and how old is it?
  2. PSU is newly bought and 2 months old.... Its 450W hytech Psu......and i dont know abt heat n i never knew how to see the temperatures dude.....!!!!...n Ma gpu is Gigabyte 7750hd oc edition...
  3. Monitor ur GPU temp. Ur GPU fan might not work properly or too many dust are there.

    Try this

    or this
  4. How to monitor the Temperatures of GPU n CPU....
  5. The temperatures are around.....

    Intel Core 2 duo e7200

    Value Min Max

    Core #0 42 deg C 41 deg C 47 deg C
    Core #1 41 deg C 41 deg C 47 deg C

    assembly 38 deg C same same

    Radeon 7700 series


    32 deg C 32 deg C 33 Deg C

    On game running.....

    the temerature rises abt 5-7 deg in the proccy

    and 2-4 deg raise in the Gpu....
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