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Hey guys,

I have a GTX 690 and I bought Far Cry and I get about 30 fps on ultra settings and about 60 fps on low settings. My first GPU is at 98% but the second is at 0%. I spent the last 3 hours browsing the internet for a solution and I tried re-installing the driver, going to the previous driver, and doing the nvidia inspector applying to the game crap. I did the nvidia inspector so much to the point where I don't even have a profile to change anymore. Every single forum I went to it said to apply the Far Cry 3 profile in invidia inspector and the sli will enable. Well since it never worked I took the profile on and off so many times now it isn't even there. My whole goal is to be able to play this horribly optimized game smoothly in sli mode. Any Help?

Proof profile is gone: http://gyazo.com/88fa829655cfed0ba6bd01b23d909b42

System specs: Intel i7 3930k

EVGA Geforce GTX 690


3TB Storage

Gigabyte X79S-UP5 Motherboard

Cool Master 1000Watt Power Supply

Thermal Take Full Tower case
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  1. Mostly what I am needing is a way to enable the SLI configuration with the game.
  2. Do you have the Latest drivers Installed? 310.70?
    And does your Card work in all games. Or just don't work in FC3?

    Hmm... Cooler Master PSU :ouch:
  3. Well if you noticed in the image he does have the latest driver. I would ask the same thing if the card works in any other game perfectly fine. BTW smerpo you won't find anyone on these forums who will take you seriously if you have a CM PSU just a fyi. But saying that though, i don't think the PSU could be at fault unless its poorly rated and isn't pushing enough juice to run the card in the first place. I've never dealt with a single GPU dual setup. I know that in order to use sli there's usually an option in the Nvidia control panel that ables sli for two cards. Thats my 5 cents.
  4. Whats so bad about my cm psu? Anyways thats not the case. If the game supports it. I play Battlefield 3 with both gpus running. Its the fact that the game is a console port and not optimized for sli. So nothing is wrong with my hardware, i was just wondering if any of you guys knew how to enable 2 gpus on the game.
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