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URGENTLY in need of some HELP!

I really need some help with my graphics card, I have a Radeon HD 7570 2gb with a 1000 dollar PC I just bought and It can't run Far Cry 3 as well as I would expect on a thousand Dollar computer the specs are bellow and I would greatly appreciate any help or advice.

I recently bought this:

And I can't even play Skyrim on High Graphics without lagging like a bitch. I'm kind of frustrated considering the price of the computer and how it preforms. Any Advice would be greatly appreciated.

PS: All the specs are under the specification bar I don't really know what to put considering I'm not the best when it comes to computers.
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  1. Dont even have to look at the link, the 7570 im almost positive has DDR3 memory on it, which is very slow and crappy. Even the lowest of the low of GDDR5 VRAM cards will outperform it hands down.
  2. Without commenting on your purchase (you already know) the video card is the issue, it's horrible. You should get rid of it and look to a 78xx or 79xx depending your budget. The more the merrier. Also, I couldn't find the Power Supply specifications, maybe I missed them, but prebuilts are notorius for terrible PSU's (often why they have terrible gpu specs) so find your cpu, make model and wattage, before upgrading. It will probably need to be replaced as well.
  3. FC3 is able to choke out even the flagship GPUs such as Radeon 7970 and GTX 680 if you go crazy with settings. Either way, game looks great even at medium settings for which an 7870 is enough which currently takes the value cake.
  4. The sales person at Best Buy said it could run Skyrim on ultra, I guess I shouldn't of listened to him. Any recommendations on exactly what I should do, like the exact model of the graphics card within a 150 dollar budget and how it would be possible to find out my Power Supply specifications please?
  5. frankly thats a very bad pc you bought. thats why never buy pre built pc's . they are usually very bad value.
    now the cpu is great but the gpu is absolutely terrible for gaming. its not even 7750 its actually 7570 which is even more inferior.
    i strongly suggest you get the radeon 7750 or 7770 minimum to play skyrim on high settings. 7750 costs about $95 and i get 40-50 fps on ultra at 1440*900.
    so its a great card for the price. however 7770 or 7850 would be even better. though you may need to upgrade your psu for the 7850
  6. Sorry, I'm a complete noob when it comes to computers but I was just wondering if there was anyway to know if I had to upgrade the PSU for the 7850.

    Judging off these comments, should I just return the computer completely and go with something cheaper to upgrade the graphics card only? Since I am only going to be using this computer for gaming only.

    Say with something like this:

    Which is much cheaper allowing me to make some upgrades to it for gaming. I wanna get the best deal.
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    What computer companies (one's that are OEM/pre-built) love to do is overload on the CPU side and barely do anything with the GPU part, letting them use a super low-watt power supply at the same time.

    A core i7 does not belong in the same computer as a radeon HD 75xx GPU. It needs at LEAST an HD 77xx GPU, but honestly, you'd do better to pay even more for a 78xx series (79xx series only if you have the money). A 78xx series still won't play FC3 on ultra (at least I don't think it will).

    Usually sales people in places like Best Buy or Fry's don't actually know what they're talking about. I've asked them specific questions that I already knew the answers to, just to test them, and they get them wrong or don't give the better option 9/10 times because they simply don't know and aren't trained well.

    Get the HD 7850 if you can manage to increase your budget a little bit. You won't regret it at all. Otherwise go for either the HD 7770 Ghz Edition or the GTX 650 Ti.

    Edit: The 1st of the two pre-built computers you just listed is better than the second. I assume it comes with a 500W PSU like the 2nd one, but make sure you ask them at Best Buy. If it's 500W, then you can and should replace the GPU with something better, since you are shaving off ~$150 from the one you already bought. I would increase your budget a little and get the HD 7850 or 7870 if you can and you will not have to buy another PSU (but shouldn't overclock anything). The reason you shouldn't overclock anything is because the PSU's they use are pretty cheap and aren't built that well. For regular use, they should be okay though. Down the road you might want to watch for sales on PSU's and get something with an 80 PLUS Bronze rating from a brand like Antec, Rosewill, or Corsair. Other guys here on the forums will know more.

    Edit2: Also to answer your 2nd post, you would still need to upgrade the GT640 as it is still a lower-end card.
  8. I wouldn't mind purchasing something like this:

    For my computer that I have right now. Which is this one:

    If you're getting confused with all the computers I've been tossing around right now haha.

    Though I dont have any idea if my PSU could handle it, which I would expect from this at least.

    Thanks for all the help so far btw, Greatly Appreciated.
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  10. I think the 7850 is a great budget mid-range card and you can play Far Cry 3 at medium-high settings at 1080p. If you turn off AA, or down to like 2x, you can improve performance and/or turn up other options.

    As for the particular model you linked, I would actually recommend this one instead:

    It's the IceQ version of the same card, costs a little bit less, is cooler, and makes less noise than its counterpart model. It is 0.19" 9.25" so make sure it fits. Although if the other one was already going to fit this one should fit just fine.

    As for overclocking I wouldn't try it right away, just make sure your system is running fine. Don't want to tax your PSU too much more all at once. As long as it is 500W you will be fine, even if it is cheap, because the GPU doesn't even draw anything close to 500W, less than half that I think.

    Once you're sure everything's stable, then try overclocking using something like MSI Afterburner. I hope everything goes well!
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