Graphics card problem?

Hi guys. I've got a wierd problem here...

My specs:
CPU-Phenom 955BE
MB-AsRock 970 extreme 3
RAM-2x4 ddr3 1600 kingston hyperX
PS-sirtec high power bronze 650W
Video - Palit 8800gt(not the one with the problem, but it's the one i have to use because... see later)

In june-july i bought a second hand gtx 560TI which worked like a charm for about 2-3 months. After that it started acting up. I would start my computer as usual but it wouldn-t post. No beep signals no nothing, even though the comp seems to be showing signs of life(every vent is working, including the cpu's and video's).
What was needed was a fiew restarts from the button. About 3 restarts and it booted up. Later on though it needed more and more restarts to get the thing booting...
Yesterday for ex. i put the card in, restarted twice and surprise, the system booted up. I then had to do smth(some driver install) that required a restart. Bummer for me: it didn't boot up after that restart. Hoping it would, i kept hitting the restart button... and kept hitting it for like a half hour :|. Nothing
So - this is pretty random, it would boot up after 2-3 restarts or after 124. I'm kinda baffled. Cold boot, warm boot - doesn't care for that.
Here's what else i tried: Put the card in a friend's computer(Intel, pretty high end) - same thing there, and he has totaly different components.
Thing is, once it boots up, the card works like a champ - and i put it under a lot of stress(furmark for ex.)

Now i'm stuck with my aging 8800gt which works perfectly since the day i bought it(4-5 years ago)

Any ideas guys?
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  1. sounds like the gpu chip or there a bad cap on the power reg of the video card. so that the card does not boot till that one failing parts starts working again. I would try and rma the card.
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