My previous post was solved, and I'm grateful for that. Now I would love to acquire some more help with choosing a graphics card to upgrade my previous one which is a Radeon HD 7570.

This is the computer I've just recently purchased:

The specs are located under the, "Specifications", bar.
Though I don't know how to check my PSU specifications.

I want to run games like Skyrim on Ultra and BF3 on high settings, and I was thinking about choosing this graphics card:
(Please tell me if my computer would be able to function with that one) The Far cry 3 coupon seems GREAT!

Though, I have no idea if it is compatible with my PSU and basically the whole set up of my computer (Motherboard etc.)
I'm a COMPLETE noob when it comes to computers so I'd love to hear some suggestions on what grahpics card you guys would recommend for me. With price in mind PLEASE.

I was also thinking about the 7700 comments on that would be nice as well, because that one seems a bit too expensive considering I'm not the most, "hardcore", gamer.
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  1. 7850 is minimum

    you go with 7870 if you have budget
  2. I don't know what power supply you have, if you open the case it should be on the side of the PSU.

    But like the person above me stated, I recommend the 7770 if you have a low budget, and if you are willing to spend some more money go for a 7850+. On the NVIDIA side I would recommend a GTX 650 TI +, but the AMD is recommended over it. Just be sure you have the PSU to run it.
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