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Hey all,

I'm looking to build an Office PC for my Dad, but have not been keeping up on CPU's for quite a few months. I would like to be round $400 if possible (cheaper always better). My original Intent was to build sandy bridge to take advantage of the build in HD graphics, and I have a 2500k that has been solid. I realize Ivy Bridge, and the AMD's also give on board graphics, I just don't know enough to make a decision.

I currently have a 700 Watt ATX PSU (OCZ bronze), and probably a couple gigs of DDR3, as well as an optical drive. What I will be doing is putting 2 HDD's in a raid 1 for redundancy (I was thinking 2 WD blacks, or Samsung spinpoints). I wanted to do a smaller form factor case (mayhaps one of the cube cases), however i don't think anything will accept the full size PSU and Optical drive.

This PC will only be used for very slight internet browsing, quickbooks, word editing, and uploading of photos. I want it to be fast, and potentially up-gradable, but the biggest thing will be longevity.

The main area I am looking for advice on will be a cpu/mobo combo that will get the job done I am looking for without being too pricey. Also if anyone knows of a smaller/cube case that will fit a full PSU and optical drive with 2 HDD's Not > $100 I would love to know.

*Edit - I will not need any peripherals

Thanks all,
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  1. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

    CPU: AMD A8-5600K 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor ($109.99 @ Newegg)
    Motherboard: ASRock FM2A75 Pro4-M Micro ATX FM2 Motherboard ($71.97 @ Newegg)
    Storage: Samsung 840 Series 120GB 2.5" Solid State Disk ($101.11 @ eCost)
    Case: Silverstone PS08B (Black) MicroATX Mid Tower Case ($34.90 @ Amazon)
    Power Supply: Corsair Builder 430W 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX12V Power Supply ($34.99 @ Newegg)
    Total: $342.96
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
    (Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-02-11 21:10 EST-0500)

    This will be very fast because of the SSD and Quad Core of the APU. Although, if you don't think it's worth the price just remove the SSD and it'll still be good for your dad's uses.
  2. It seems you only need the cpu, motherboard and the case, this one fits any standard atx psu and it has space for 2 hdd and one dvd drive.
    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

    CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 3.3GHz Dual-Core Processor ($119.99 @ Amazon)
    Motherboard: ASRock H77M-ITX Mini ITX LGA1155 Motherboard ($94.99 @ Microcenter)
    Case: Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced (Black) Mini ITX Tower Case ($39.99 @ Amazon)
    Total: $254.97
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)

    The i3-3220 is suffice for those needs, you can always bump the cpu for an i5.
  3. Thanks for the follow up guys, I really appreciate it. I'm really considering a combination of both responses. I really like that Cooler Master Elite 120, but the AMD A8 may be better suited for standalone graphics and computing power. combined with and 2x for the raid1.
    total around $370.

    What do you guys think?
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    If you want the amd a10, get a mini itx board for it(that's with Cooler Master Elite 120) :
    But the i3 is a better cpu, it has two cores but it benefits from the hyper threading in performance, the am10 has a better igpu, see here a comparison, it might help you decide what's the best for you :
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  6. Thanks djangoringo, that was the board i actually meant to link. For this build, I think you are right and I will opt for the better overall performing CPU, as I am not interested in maximum graphic performance. Thanks again, and I appreciate the assistance.
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