Best GPU For 2560x1440 Gaming?

I'm really looking to get the $700 27 inch asus monitor. Right now I have a 660 Ti, I don't think that will suffice for 1440p gaming. I'm looking to play Witcher 2, BF3 etc. at at least medium settings at that resolution. I was eying a 7970 but just want to post here before I pull the trigger.
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  1. Yes the 7970 would be the best option at that resolution. It's but is larger than the GTX 680's (384 bit vs 256 bit) and so it would not be hit as hard when playing at a higher resolution.
  2. IMO for gaming at that resolution you would want a pair of 7950s/7970s or 670s/680s... though a single 7970 would be fine if you aren't OCD about every game having maxed settings.

    I'm cautious about buying a 1440p panel and I already have the GPU muscle for it... there's a pretty serious framerate hit from bumping up to 1440p.

    If money is a concern, I'd tell you to consider dropping down to $400 on your monitor to pick up an Auria 27" 1440p monitor:

    And spending the extra $300 on getting a second graphics card (assuming your motherboard and power supply can handle it)
  3. Have not heard anything about that particular monitor/brand... anyways to me it's worth the extra $80 to buy a US-branded panel that has HDCP support and multiple inputs (I know the Catleap's don't have HDCP and so I'm guessing that Irun also doesn't have HDCP).
  4. I've heard mixed reviews about those monitors. Some are delighted and some not. The price is incredible and it may be worth taking the chance. There are various models and deals from those Korean manufacturers with pixel guarantees and replacement guarantees. Some only support dual link DVI but lately I've seen some with other connections. I'm seriously thinking about one because I can't afford an HP or Asus.
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