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hey guys i have a gtx 460 and i think its time to upgrade i want to get a gtx 690 because i love having the best frame rates in games should i get the 690 or wait for 790
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  1. ?

    Might want to give us some more info on what games, what the rest of your system is like, etc.
  2. my system is a amd build with 12gb ram, amd fx-8120, gtx 460
  3. and i play bf3, black ops 2, Gta 4, Arma 2, most new games
  4. and also want it to be all good to max out crysis 3 and battlefield 4
  5. Ok, so 8120 at unknown clocks, no clue on the motherboard, 12GBs of unknown configuation or speed, sitting in a case of unknown size, displayed on a monitor(s) of unknown resolution and powered by god only knows what. Thank you for filling in the gaps.

    General advice I can give. Assuming a single 1080 screen I wouldn't bother with a 690 or 790. You have no use for a dual card. A single GTX680 or 7970 should be enough for what you want.
  6. sorry i cant reember everthing i put in it made it a while back im also gaming a 1920x1080 but i will be upgrading to a montor that is 2560x1440 and i was think the 690 as i want to be able to play games on max in 2013 and the gtx 680 will drop a bit short then
  7. Seriously man.... just get a freakin' 680 and add a second one if you really want to throw with money :p . 690 is really not worth it imho. But hey, I'd still respect your choice if you picked it.
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    Here is the GTX680 doing very well in BF3 at 1080 and higher.

    Grab the 690 if you feel you must, but the 680 will do fine for single screen gaming.
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  10. cheers for that i might go pick up a 680 and add on later or even get a 780 thank you
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