How do you think this PC would turn out

Hi I am going to build a gaming computer. I really want a top of line machine and my budget is subject to change. These are the parts i am thinking of getting so far:





Power Supply

Graphics Card:

Outlet Drive:

Hard Drive:


I have some questions about this potential computer:

Are all of these parts good? would they allow me to play on max graphics in games like Arma?

Are there any other things i need to buy?

How hard will it be to build this?

Are all of these parts compatible with each other?

Would you recommend other parts/replacements?

I really want a great computer and I'm kinda nervous so every bit of info would help me out. Please help me out!!
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  1. Since you didn't give a budget range, I'm shooting for good mid-range PC.

    In my opinion: Your Case, Processor, RAM, Disk drive, and HDD is fine.

    RAM: Unless you need 16GB of RAM, 8GB is plenty and will save you some cash to spend elsewhere.

    MB: For the money, your could get a better MB for $100. Look for a z77 mobo as it supports Sandy and Ivy Bridge processors. ASRock and Gigabyte are favorites of mine.

    Power Supply: I don't know about you, but a 1000 watt PSU for 65 bucks is scary to me (low quality) and its overkill. A quality brand 600 PSU is plenty. Check on reviews from tech sites. Seasonic and OCZ are the ones I use.

    GPU: I believe a 650 non Ti doesn't give you much return on investment (for gaming). I perfer a AMD 7850 or a Nvidia 660 minimum. But that's me. Just installed a 7850, 1GB model and its great for the price.

    As for building it, there are lots of tutorials on building it properly. Newegg has a good video series on their website.

    *just my advice*
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    Like the person above, not sure what your budget is. Also, you wouldn't need 1000W power supply for that rig, and i wouldn't risk it on a cheap one. Spending the extra money on a better 650W PSU would do you better. 650W in your rig would be able to run two GTX 670's. 16gigs unless you want it, i did, you don't really need. Also a low-profile ram would be better if you also want to get a after market CPU cooler, wouldn't run into size issues, just have to worry about the size of the case. Also the GTX 650 is probably not what your gonna want. It shows significant improvement over the 550ti, but you wouldn't like it ( I had the 550ti, now have a 670), spend a little extra and get a 7870.

    Here's a build i think would be better. Its a little bit more, but that's just because of the graphics card.

    I figured I'd keep the same case you selected
    Ivy Bridge is more power efficient than Sandy Bridge and more powerful in general.
    If you plan on overclocking this is perfect, if not then the locked version of this processor would do you just fine, for about $20 cheaper.
    7870 is comparable to a GTX 670, but for less money. It's been shown to beat the old GTX 580 in testing.
    This runs my rig(I7-2600,16 gigs RAM, GTX 670,Blue Ray, 64gig SSD, 2TB HDD), so no worries.
    Disk Drive:
    8gig stick for $40, so if you want 16, just add another.

    Total for this build was $887
    I would recommend it if it's in your budget.

    If your wondering how to build a PC, here is some tutorials NewEgg provide. They helped me build my first rig.
  3. thanks for all the help 2 more questions though:

    Does the case have a HDMI input? I assume so but it doesn't say anything on there about it.

    Also should i get windows 7 or 8? Ive heard people say 8 slows your PC down, what effects would it have on this build?
  4. HDMI input? if you mean an HDMI output then that would come from the GPU or MB( both have one). An HDMI input would infer you would want to record video to the computer from an external source, not output a HDMI signal from the computer. IF you want an HDMI input, you would have to get a recorder of some kind, like an avermedia card. But I think you are referring to an output

    On the windows 7 vs 8. I prefer 7 because windows 8 changes the interface so much. If windows 8 is slower, you wouldn't notice it on this rig, so it's personal preference.
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