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Hello, I have a MSI 7870 TF3. At full load with some cpu load it hits 70°C with 50% fan speed. I have a fractal design define r3 case with 2 fans (1 in and 1 out). And my CPU cooler is a thermal right macho hr-02 rev.a.
What would be the easiest way to lower my temperatures on the GPU? Add an intake fan maybe?
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  1. So your GPU is hitting 70 in 50% Fan speed?

    Install MSI Afterburner
    And set the Fan speed to "Application controlled"

    It will automatically set you fan speed according to your GPU Usage.
  2. all you have to do is turn up the fan speed yes it will be louder but not really because you have a silent case
  3. Well if I turn the fan speed higher it sounds like it's going to fly off. Really annoying sound with the small fans on the TF3 cooler. I feel that I need more airflow, if I remove the side panel it drops by 5 degrees. Should I go for another intake fan to get positive air pressure inside and get more airflow?
  4. Yup, try getting more airflow.
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