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Hi guys and merry xmax by the way. What i want to ask u is next :
what is best settings for 3d Application settings in CCC. I am completely noob in this
so be simpe. From the beginning...Anti-Aliasing, should i use application settings
and what filter stands for(standard,edge-detect),is is it better to have tessellation amd optimized
or use application settings OR to put it myself, what should be texture Filtering Quality set on,
"Wait for vertical refresh" is total unknown for me,should it be on or off,
Anti-Aliasing Mode is confusing, because some ppl tell me its better to put it on multi-sample aa,
some its better on super-sample aa and triple buffering is a mistery too.
Is it better to use application settings in general and if i set every settings by myself should
i put all video quality settings ingame on low???? I m looking something between performances and quality
and i m playing games like black ops 2,far cry 3, nfs:most wanted...sry for my bad english and thx...
i5 3570k
Asus HD7870
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  1. It is a bit difficult to explain every aspect of advanced graphics settings in a post. Your best bet, though time consuming, will be to just mess around with the settings. First, download FRAPS if you haven't already. This will actively show your frames per second (FPS) in game. You want your FPS to hover around 60 in order to have the smoothest game performance. Intense portions of games or high detail areas will drop the FPS. try to keep it from dropping more than 15-20. huge drops will cause screen jittering and lag. Try changing one thing at a time in the CCC and see what effects it has.
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