Need advice between Nvidia Geforce GT 630 and AMD Radeon HD 6670

I'm planning to buy one of those video card and I don't which one. I searched the Internet and they said that the Radeon HD 6670 is better. Is this true? If it is, is it compatible with my computer? My spec. is listed below:

- Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 250 Processor 3.00 GHz
- Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB
- DirectX Version: DirectX 11

If your still lacking information, please tell me. I'm not really knowledgable about computers.
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  1. yes hd 6670 is better than gt630.

    please tell your budget,motherboard info,power supply info of your pc
  2. Ok, hold on...
  3. - budget: 60 - 100$
    - motherboard - EMMAX Technology
    - motherboard model - EMX-AMD880HD3-PRO
    - power supply - (I can't seem to find this, help?)
  4. power supply is inside your case open it and see the sticker and post the info here.

    this is psu look like -
  5. Is there any other way to check the PSU besides opening the CPU?
  6. Wait, all I know about my power supply is its 400 watts
  7. ok i will recommend you good card for you.

    whats your max resolution of screen
  8. Sorry for the late reply. My max resolution is 1024 x 768.
  9. this would be perfect for that resolution-

    hd 6670-

    you can easily play games at max with hd 6670 at 1024*768

    go with will work fine with your system
  10. Thank you so much with your help. I really appreciate it. :)
  11. Wait, one last question. Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 and Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 6670 are the same right? Only the manufacturer is different, correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks again for your help.
  12. yes they are same gpu.just different manufacturer.
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