Computer shuts off after 15 seconds

I recently built a new computer and it has been giving me problems since I put it together. First I was getting no signal to the monitor but it wouldnt happen everytime only sometimes. Then the computer would turn off after being on for a few hours then would boot up but turn off after being on for about 5 minutes. I have a program to test the temps and it never got hot enough to cause it to fail so I dont think thats the problem. I bought a new power supply because someone said my old one didnt have enough watts so I went and got a 750w corsair which is overkill but I got it for cheap. I put everything in a new case after getting the new power supply and now it wont boot for longer then 15 seconds this is what pops up on the screen it doesnt do anything when hit any buttons. Any ideas?

corsair cx series cx750 750w
AMD FD4100WMGUSBX FX-4100 Processor
Crucial Ballistix 4gb*2
WD Blue WD5000AAKS DH 500GB
EVGA GeForce GTS 450
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  1. Something plugged in your usb port draw too much power, unplug everything and restart to see if that corrects the problem, also you haven't set the time in the bios and/or the motherboard battery is dead

    I see a mass storage drive on your usb, make sure it's unplugged when your starting your pc...
  2. What the above said first, if that doesn't fix it try disconnecting the front usb ports from your motherboard, I would also check that there are not contact point by the usb spots on the motherboard meaning like a screw laying around or something causing contact.
  3. if your read the cmos date and time are off so you have to set them and the is something that pull to much power on the usb slot and does you drive with the os is the first under the bios for boot device,this drive should be in sata 0 or 1 the first of them that is mark on the motherboard .
  4. Could be a bent pin in the USB header on the board, or a standoff that was incorrectly placed behind the board as well.
  5. How do I set the date and time no matter what buttons I press nothing happens then it just shuts off. I unplugged the front USB ports and my external hard Drive as well and it didn't seem to help
  6. date and time is set in bios,i would remove everything from the case and use a cardboard to test the system on .
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