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I've been digging round for the last two hours trying to find information on the Leadtek GTX 670 2GB and I can find next to no information on it. I've been digging on google, that has turned up some youtube videos, one person installing it into a gaming rig [on this site] and the usual advertisement crap. I'm asking because I've found one for just over £250 brand new which is around £60 less than the graphics card I planned to get for a new build.

Anyone know where I can find some performance stats and reviews on it?. I want to get this card if I can and save some cash, but of course I don't want to buy a dud.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Nice one! I didn't know Leadtek cards were still sold here, I thought they had pulled out of Britain. Where are you getting it? Post after purchase if you want if you're worried about stock suddenly disappearing.
  2. @ Sumukh_Bhagat : Yeah, looked at that during my digging on google.

    @sam_p_lay : They aren't. Check this out, its around £60 cheaper than most GTX 670 cards out there in the UK. It is coming from Hong Kong and is still cheaper!.


    If you do get one let me know how it works out. I'll keep digging... but this is looking pretty promising.
  3. Haha wow, £228! I think I've been going about my hardware purchases the wrong way. I'd grab that while you can.
  4. If that kind of Deal would be in India.
    I will buy one :lol: or 2 in SLI :lol:

    £228 means 20,000 INR. And you hardly get a GTX 660 Ti in that range in India
    You know what? My Aunt lives in London, Time for the Christmas Gift. ;)
  5. Haha that's a generous aunt! ;-)
  6. @Sumukh_Bhagat: Haha, have to agree with sam, you really do have a generous aunt!. :D

    Dude if you get one [or your going crazy and getting 2 in SLi] let me know and tell us about your experiences with it. If they are positive, at the price they are being offered, I'd be foolish to turn it down. Thanks. :)
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