Questions about building a wireless network at Home

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I not computer illerate but have little exposure to networking. I currently
have my DSL internet connection networked between a desktop and a laptop
with a Linksys G Wireless router and pc card.

I want to move from sharing the internet only to a more robust home
network with file sharing/movement, printing, etc.

The planned network will have 2 desktops, a notebook and 3 printers (2
attached to the desktops and 1 on a print server) and a wireless XBox

The Linksys gear already has another new home once I get this thing set
up. So far, I have purchased the following items: Belkin Pre-N Wireless
Router and notebook adapter plus a Belkin Wireless G print server. A
Belkin Pre-N Desktop adapter is on the way. I need to get a wireless
adaptor for the XBox.

As I pointed out above I managed to network the internet connection but it
took me a week to find out and then figure out how to put my Westell DSL
modem in bridged mode.

Now the stupid questions:

Can I do all of this with XP Home or do I need to updrade to XP Media or

Is security had to set up? I don't want the neighbors in my business.

What am I missing?
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.networking.connectivity (More info?)

    Nevermind, information already out there. Just needed to look. Found this
    plus many more.
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