Starcraft (Original) will not stretch across widescreen

I recently put Starcraft on my laptop, but when it boots up it is always set to 640x480 (Starcraft's native resolution), so I get black boxes on the sides. I'd prefer instead that the game were stretched across the 1600x900 screen, and with my desktop (which has an NVIDIA GPU), I am able to resolve this issue using the NVIDIA control panel. When I try to look for a similar option in the AMD Catalyst Control Center, I can find nothing.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks for any help

EDIT: Link to a picture of the Catalyst Control Center I'm using (I don't know how to attach photos)
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  1. Okay, just managed to fix this myself. What I did was go into the Catalyst Control Manager then Desktop Management > Desktop Properties and change the resolution to something non-native. I then went to My Built-In Displays > Properties (Built-In Display) and selected the "Full" option rather than the "Aspect Ratio" option.

    After this, I went back to Desktop Management > Desktop Properties and changed the resolution back to its native resolution. I then booted up Starcraft and it filled the screen!

    Good luck to anyone with the same problem!
  2. Turns out this helped me. I didn't notice i was using a native resolution for 1080p :P. Thanks for your unexpected assistance!
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