Intel DP67BG and EVGA GTX670

I,ve upgraded my Graphics card from a Asus 5870 TOP to a EVGA GTX 670 Signature 2. The intel extreme DP67BG don't want to boot with new card. I've even updated the bios to the latest on intel site. The EVGA works fine in other PC and Asus 5870 still works on Intel m/b. I've also tried a NVidia GT620, and that works on intel m/b. Can anyone help?
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  1. psu? though not sure how 670 compares with your recent card in terms of power consumption
  2. Got Thermaltake 700W with 30A on 12V as requested by Card. On other pc where it works, I have a 500W but also with 30A on 12V
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