Any good Guides out there?

Hi all,
I am a newbie PC builder so please bear with my lack of information. I have decided to build my own gaming rig, since alot of people advised me that I can save a lot of money, and get a potentially better PC if i build it myself instead of ordering one from Cyperpower.
So please take out 2-5 mins outta your lives and give me ANY POSSIBLE guide (forum or video both are fine) you guys might think i'll need to get the required info for assembling a PC. I welcome ALL the info you guys can throw at me, ranging from how to assemble parts to overclocking etc etc.
Thanks in advance.
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More about good guides there
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  2. get a nice motherboard with a good owner's manual. my asus p8z68-v/ gen3 came with a great manual(digital copy can be found online also). I put mine together as a project with my wife (her first build and she did almost all of it by herself) and the directions for where everything was and what all the components were in the manual. It really helps to now what everything is when putting a machine together. just something to consider if possible
  3. thank you boden, johnson and fkr. I am still trying to put all of this info in my head, kinda too much to get started with :D
    anyone got a good overclocking guide? (i5/i7 intel mainly) both CPU and GPU guides are welcome.
  4. buy a good motherboard from asus and it will do it for you. the asus utility OC'd my cpu to 4.6. I can get a little more but not enough to make a discernible difference.
    for gpu MSI and EVGA come with OC utilities that are as simple as moving a slider to a higher frequency and then stress testing it
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