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Radeon HD 6670 no display

Hello, I recently purchased Sapphire HD 6670 1gb gddr5 and it worked perfectly on my system for almost a month. Then, a few days ago, when i boot up my computer there was no display on the monitor not even the BIOS logo but I can hear the Windows startup sound. I tried connecting my monitor to the onboard graphics and it's perfectly fine. I uninstalled then reinstalled the driver but still no display. I reinserted my card and still same problem. Please Help! any help is greatly appreciated :)

My specs:
AMD Athlon 64 x2 4600+
2gb ddr2
100gb HD
Antec VP550
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  1. does the GPU fan spin?
  2. yes, it does
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  4. thanks for the help... turned out my old motherboard is the problem. a tech guy told me my pci slot is the culprit... Hope to buy a new motherboard and a cpu soon! many thanks to you :D
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