ASUS AMD Radeon HD7770 DirectCU - red LED, no display

I chose this card because it seemed like the right one for the price and perfomance. I've found a review where the same motherboard and video card were used together, so it must have worked for someone.

When I turn the system on, the HD7770 gives me an ominous red LED2. The fan comes on, but I get no display. Otherwise, the system boots without errors. I'm using the on-board video in the meantime. I've tired forcing the BIOS to use the PCIe video, but it defaults back to Auto regardless. Also in the system are the following: ASUS P8Z77-V LE motherboard, Intel SSD on 6Gbps SATA, LG BluRay burner, TP-LINK WN781ND PCIe wireless, Corsair CX500 PSU 500W, 16Gb G-Skill RAM.

I've tried removing the Wifi card, and there were no changes. Any other ideas?
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  1. Make and model of your HD7770 would have been helpful. What's the meaning of the LED2? Probably additional power cord not connected?
  2. The make and model are in the subject line. There is no additional power connector, only Crossfire. If I knew the meaning of LED2, I wouldn't be here asking about it ;)
  3. Problem solved! turns out I did not see the power connecter underneath the fan/heatsink cover, when i was expecting it to be at the top of the card.
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