Wake on LAN problems

Hi All,

I'm trying to set up Wake on Lan for a x64 winserver2008R2 and having a devil of a time trying to figure out why it wont go. Hoping to get some ideas from the community. My objective is to be able to start up the server at a particular time on a daily basis, perhaps even log on to a particular user account (although this last is not critical).

The environment:
-Intel motherboard DH55TC
- 3.2GHz Core I5 CPU
-8Gb RAM
-x64 WinServer 208R2 Std.
-On board LAN Intel (R) 82578DC, driver 4/12/2010
-NIC Power Mgt settings enabled (allow device to power off computer, allow device to wake up computer, only allow magic packet to wake the computer, Wake on Magic Packet, Wake on pattern)

-BIOS settings (after power failure=stay off; wake on lan from S4/S5=Power On; Wake system form S5=Disabled - apparently only used for alarm events and wakes on a particular date and time rather than event

-x64 machine is connected to a hub which in turn is connected to the main router. I have several PCs in the same room and rather than cable 4 machines to the router I ran one cable to the hub then 4 machines cabled to the hub

-x64 machine static ip is, router ip is

-x64 machine is shutdown after back up task by running a batch file using the following command line 'shutdown /s /t 30 /c "auto shutdown after backup"'

Here's what I've accomplished so far:

- WOL using Solaris Wake on Lan and mc-wol.exe via batch file using appropriate LAN mac and IP (static)
- wake up command from an win XP machine
- successfully wakes up Win7 Home Prem machines with either WOL utility
- Am unable to wake the target x64 machine when utilities run manually or as a batch file
- have tried bypassing the hub, no luck

What I am considering at this time:

- do x64 machines or this Mobo specifically, have some extra security preventing WOL? Mobo does not seem to indicate any
- does the shutdown batch file put the machine in proper S5/soft off state, would the hibernate option for the command make any difference?
- does this Mobo really support WOL? All indicators seem to think so.
- Intel will not release new drivers for this Mobo am tempted to try the drivers for Win7 x64

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  1. Hello,

    you could try PSShutdown


    insted of the windows shutdown comand much better i find, it has options for shutdown with or without power Off (-k or -s)

    on a second note some intel boards need both the bios settings turned on and the WOL setting in windows turned on on the NIC card Propoties
  2. Tried PS Shutdown but it would not 'install'.

    From the command line it said it could not install psshutdown service, access denied, if I am already executing a shutdown process I should abort it first.

    However, I'm not sure shutdown 'without power off' is really what I am after. Is it 'standby', where RAM is still live? Is it 'hibernate' where RAM is written to the HDD and the machine is powered off. I am expecting to power off the machine, don't necessarily need RAM written to the HDD, but be able to wake it on LAN

    I have WOL enabled on the bios and Windows NIC settings as originally noted. Am I missing some other setting?
  3. your psshutdown problems sound like firewall or access problems the pc/server you run it from must have administrator access to the pc to shutit down if i remember been awile since i set it up but have it shutting down 150+ pc here every night

    have never had any problems with ADM MoBos but Intel is why i dont use WOL much any more

    WOL is a funny thing as you are finding out

    When you first Plug a pc in it must be started up and shutdown before you can use WOL. This is consided a power off state but thr PSU is live

    if you do a shutdown with power off the pc is 100% powered down (but still switch on at the plug and the PSU is live) in this state you can not use WOL.

    if you just shutdown by pressing the power switch on the front of your computer the motherboard is still powered after shutdown and you CAN use WOL/PS2/USB (Think this setting is changalbe from the BIOS on some systems)

    the above is true in some cases when you shutdown from the start menu in windows have some intel pc's here that if you shut down fron startmenu then you can NOT WOL

    If the PC has gone on to standby(RAM live for fast restart) or hibernated(RAM stored on HDD) you can only wake on lan if the settings in the NIC propertys page have been set you have to tick 'Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby'

    (note to anyone else reading this some switches block WOL requests as default and this need to be disabled)
  4. Thanks for the all the input. I did drop the firewall for a time and had admin rights on the live PC but it still would not roll out of bed.

    I did finally get it going.

    I was missing one more setting on the NIC in Windows, enabling PME. I remembered PME mentioned in one or two of the searches I did but most of the discussion topics, that i found, always revolved around BIOS settings and 'allowing the PC to Wake on LAN, and Wake on Magic Packet'. I guess a case of 'can't see the trees for the forest'
  5. Thanks for the hints of PME. I notice there's another settings of 'Shutdown wake up' options in my network card properties. After enable that options. Viola, I can wake up my PC when shutdown.
  6. Hello, If you use the default Microsoft driver then WOL doesn't work. If you install the Intel driver then you get more choices like Enable PME set to On and then you can wake the system up. I am looking for a way to push the latest Intel driver then enable WOL/PME with a registry push. I know Realtek has a silent install command line.
  7. hi community . i want to use Wake On LAN ability with phone , i need to Wake up my PC with a send packet from my phone by using WOL software . i had many searched to finding any solution for this ability but unfortunately i found out some important option that can make this happened is Port Forwarding which isn't in my Router\Modem Admin configuration . i dunno how to configure my modem to setting up some IP address or enabling something relating to this ability . what/which section and many more questions..
    my last accomplishment is , with a WOL software installed on my Android phone so i succeeded to Wake On my PC from Hibernate mode and not in Shutdown .
    i checked my LAN setting for assurance that Wake on magic packet and Wake on pattern match is Enabled. both of'em are Enable.
    and as i know this too, that even if some MOBOs haven't Wake On LAN option , there's no need to worry about and all of MOBOs actually have this ability by default even if no sign of this option were seen . and also there would be something same with Router/Modems . I have a Green GNET model modem that hasn't Port Forwarding option. but i heard through all of the web that it has something the same like this option which can figuring out Port Forwarding problem.
    plz help me through this and i would be so appreciate who helping me .
    Thanks in advance.
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