Can ram failure cause your system to..?

hi my system not opening os its automatic restrating whats the problem i think
its ram problem pls help me
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  1. RAM failure makes the BIOS sound a beep code.
    If youre not hearing beep codes, it's more likely the Power Supply, or the processor overheating.

    Try accessing the BIOS.. if the screen remains on after a few minutes, it’s OK, but if it shuts down when you’re in the BIOS, it’s overheating. To make sure (and solve) check if the processor cooler is running, that the heatsink is firmly attatched to the processor, that immediately after a failed boot, the processor heatsink is cool-to-warm to the touch, not hot.

    If all check OK; the Power Supply may have failed.
    If you're experiencing one or more of the following problems, the Power Supply is likely the cause:

    1. Momentary freezes that last from tenths of a second up to several seconds
    2. Slow Explorer
    3. Sketchy mouse pointer/cursor
    4. Long boot times
    5. Booting under a blank screen
    6. No booting, or interrupted boots, booting on the second try
    7. Memory errors
    8. Slow memory
    9. Slow processor
    10. GPU with blank screen
    11. blue screens of death
    12. spontaneous reboots or shutdowns
    13. Bulged and or blown capacitors
    14. Bad hard disk sectors
    15. Slow Internet browsing
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