GPU Usage/Voltage/Core clock spiking?

Hey guys, I'm not sure why, but in MSI afterburner, it reports to me these weird spikes. Spikes in GPU usage, Voltage, and Core Clock. Are these normal? If not, what are the causes of this?

Screen Shot
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  1. do you have another pci-e power plug on that psu to see if it does the same could be psu issue.
  2. Yep, I tried different ones, but now I just got a new PSU and it seems to be doing better, but still a bit of those random voltage jumps.

    Normally it's either core clocked at 1100 while gaming or 300 idle, but sometimes it hits 450 for some reason while in game. The voltages are more or less stable now though, but I have no idea :(...
  3. did you overclock that card ?
  4. Nope :( I haven't overclocked yet, but it's factory set at 1100 core. MSI 7870 Hawk.
  5. you could try this on the sensor readings give details on most parts of your system
  6. Yep! It's still stock configs :)!
  7. what hw info report ?
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