Need some advice building my rig :)

Hey guys :)

So I'm building a new gaming rig, and I want this rig to be a beast. I want it to thrash any game that gets thrown at it.

Firstly, I'll let you guys know how I'll be playing these games. I'll be playing on a single monitor, right now it's about 21" but I'll get a new one soon at about 26" or so. I'll play the games at as high a resolution as possible and I want to completely max out all the settings.

I've decided to wait for Haswell to land before I build my rig, just so that it can be relatively future proof and so I can drop in a Broadwell sometime in the future if need be. What are your guys ideas with regard to this?

With the motherboard, my general perception is that you PC is only as good as your motherboard, because that's what everything fits into and it ties everything together. Is this a correct idea? Or can you settle for a less impressive motherboard overall? And also, what are the things that you will be looking for in a good motherboard?

With RAM, I'll be honest and say that I'm tempted to got for 16GB of the stuff. Is this a good idea, or should I just settle for 8GB? And again, what type of ram should I be looking for?

And now onto the GPU. Like I've said, I want this computer to be powerful, and churn through top end games. Right now I'm looking at the GTX690. What I'm not sure about though is whether or not this card is excessive for my single monitor game-playing. Just how pretty will this card sit playing BF3 or Metro2033 on full graphics at a high resolution? And if its overkill, what level of card should I look at? Also, what clock speeds and how much VRAM am I looking for on the card itself? (I heard VRAM comes into play at higher resolutions?)

Tons of questions, I know, but I'd love to hear what any of you have to say and advice is always welcome :D
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  1. 8gb is plenty. A 7970 is enough to play crysis 3 on ultra so.. I suggest upgrading at skylake as it is the "tock", like ivy bridge.
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