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For running GNS3 Software- CPU+Mobo+RAM+HDD-Request Your input

February 12, 2013 6:15:27 AM

Hi all,

I want your recommendation on CPU, Motherboard, RAM for following purpose:
Purpose of upgrade:
1. I want to run a Network Devices emulator software - GNS3 which needs pretty decent ( not over the top) CPU cycles- it is combination of hardware & software tweaking ( refer 'more info' below)
2. Stable & run without giving problems ( Solid state Capacitors)
3.Download stuff, Watching Movies, Series
4. Play games - not a high priority, would like to play Max Payne 3 et etc, basically FPS. I am not very much into gaming.

I already have this built in 2008:

Motherboard: Asus M3A78-EM with onboard graphics Radeon HD3200
Processor: DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 3016 MHz (15 x 201) 6000+
RAM: 2x2GB - Memory Speed DDR2-800 (400 MHz)
Harddisk: WD Green 1TB -7200RPM
PSU: CoolerMaster 500Watts.

Country: India

*I want to upgrade only the above components to make windows 7 64-bit installation .

Rs.15000/- Which is US$278 ( I know many will think it is too less a budget, however, i request your input).

More Information:

GNS 3: GNS3(GNS3 is a graphical network simulator that runs real cisco images. It allows you to simply drag and drop routers and connect them up to create network scenarios for studying. It is also used very heavily by network engineers.
Now the problem with GNS3 is running it on windows sucks as once you have more than a few routers running the CPU gets pegged and you can’t do anything else on your PC. There are many forums dedicated to resolving these issue and many people, it is one of the reasons a lot of people give up on GNS3. The solution is to run GNS3 on Ubuntu which is a lot more memory efficient and you can happily run 20 routers without Ubuntu complaining.

My request:

Recommend CPU, Motherboard, RAM, optional:HDD, GPU for me, which you think will be better than this around $278.

AMD or Intel ( I think Intel is more suited, but pricewise AMD is better).

Help me in figuring this out.