Picture doesn't fit screen when using TV as monitor.

I received a 32" tv for Christmas to start using as a computer monitor for gaming. The TV does support 1080p resolution. My video card has HDMI output. My problem is I am unable to display the monitor in 1920*1080 resolution. It seems to stretch over the screen in every direction. Just barely, but enough it is noticeable and would make gaming challenging due to UI layouts. I am playing at a smaller resolution and it's working, just not ideal. Any suggestions for being able to display 1920*1080? There was a setting on the TV to change from Wide display to Dot by Dot display, which made a huge difference in the overall picture quality, but the picture still does not fit the screen. Any help or advice is much appreciated.

Thanks everyone.
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  1. make sure the GPU is outputting the correct resolution, then maybe you have to adjust the position settings in the TV.
  2. There should be scaling options for HDTV's in catalyst control center and nvidia control panel. Be sure the resolution is set to 1920*1080 in the graphics control panel and then change the scaling options untill the picture fits the screen correctly.
  3. I found a soulution for this I have a bush TV and what I did was I went to the TV's menu System - Picture - Advanced settings - And changed picture zoom to Full Hope this helped!
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