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I received a 32" tv for Christmas to start using as a computer monitor for gaming. The TV does support 1080p resolution. My video card has HDMI output. My problem is I am unable to display the monitor in 1920*1080 resolution. It seems to stretch over the screen in every direction. Just barely, but enough it is noticeable and would make gaming challenging due to UI layouts. I am playing at a smaller resolution and it's working, just not ideal. Any suggestions for being able to display 1920*1080? There was a setting on the TV to change from Wide display to Dot by Dot display, which made a huge difference in the overall picture quality, but the picture still does not fit the screen. Any help or advice is much appreciated.

Thanks everyone.
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  1. In your video card's settings, look for an "Overscan" setting.

  2. pretty sure this is a duplicate post...

    make sure the TV's picture position/zoom settings are correct and that the GPU is outputting the correct resolution
  3. Yes try his suggestion first or your TV may have other formats that are more appropriate (usually Full, H-Fill, True, Stretch, try them all if you haven't yet, true would be my guess).
  4. Awesome, when I get home I will check some of the GPU settings. It's EVGA chipset, any specifics to where the "Overscan" setting is?
  5. It'll depend on the brand, AMD it will probably be in the catalyst control center, on an NVidia card it will be whatever the heck they call their program (lol I have Nvidia too, just can't recall the program).
  6. Awesome thanks everyone. Will update in anohter 3-4 hours when I get home and test it out. You all are great.
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