Two different wireless icons in the systray for one connection

Hey all,
I have a Netgear WPN 111 USB wireless adapter on my laptop. When I boot up, it automatically connects without opening the Netgear software, and puts the standard Windows blue-screened wireless icon in the systray (Win XP pro). But it seems to stay connected better without signal fluctuations if I open the Netgear software. I also like the scanning function and the signal level meter on the software. I have to double-click twice to get the software to appear onscreen, once to load it and once to view it, apparently (?). When I do load it, I get a yellow-screened Netgear icon next to the Win XP icon. Both say connected at the same time. I have only one wireless connection in network connections, so it appears as though the adapter is connecting twice. When the Netgear software is open, if I try to do anything with the windows icon like repair, it shuts down the Netgear software first. Can anyone explain why the two icons, and do you think there is any conflict going on, anything which might be degrading my connection? Or does Windows just display that icon no matter what else is going on? Thanks!
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  1. Hmmm, nuthin'? Does that mean nobody knows, or that it's supposed to be that way? Bueller? Bueller?
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