First time computer build *need help*

Hello, this my first computer build ever I really need some help with some of the parts, highly appreciated.

Motherboard=Asus Maximus Formula
CPU=I5 3750K
GPU=XFX 7970 Ghz 1050 mhz
Case= NZXT Phantom 410 gunmetal
PSU=HX750 Crosair, good enuf ?
SDD=SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series MZ-7PD128BW 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC
ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS Black SATA 24X DVD Burner - Bulk - OEM
Sound card=Creative Sound Blaster Z
RAM=I need a good ram for gaming that is compatible with the 3750k
Liquid cooling or air cooling?
Windows= 7 or 8 ?

Please give me some comments and suggestions about this build :)
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  1. 1.) Get a cheaper motherboard
    2.) Get a 7950 or 7870 XT if going for Singe Monitor
    3.) HX750 - great for CF/SLI. 500w - single gpu
    4.) No need for Sound Card.
    5.) G. Skill Ares 2x4gb 8gb
    6.) Air cooling
    7.) Whichever version of windows is cheaper.
  2. 1)already got the motherboard
    2)already got the graphic card 7970
    3)HX500 I will consider getting that then thank you!
    4)why no need for sound card?
    5)G.skill ares will they look good on the asus maximus board? I doubt.
    6)Why air cooling and not liquid cooling please tell me :)
    7) I guess ill go with 8 since its new :P
  3. 4.) Motherboard already has on board sound card
    5.) Dunno. Ram is ram for me. I really don't care about the aesthetics haha.
    6.) Air Cooling is easier and if you are not a super OCer then really no need for water cooling.
  4. I have to agree with Cutebeans on air cooling. Liquid isn't really necessary, It's also a pain and gets quite expensive. Just buy something cheap like an Evo 212, or if you really want liquid you can go for an h100i for the processor which is pretty easy to install. If you go past a processor for liquid cooling It's gets to be a pain.
  5. Thank you guys :), so I ended up getting a hx650 for PSU, H100 for liquid cooling, and patriot viper 3 venom red rams 8gb ddr3, I didn't buy the sound card as you mentioned the on board, I think I need cd/dvd drive and a power surge next ^^
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