AMD graphics card troubleshooting help

Hi guys,

Hope you can help with an issue I'm having...

I have an older desktop that my girlfriend uses to do low level gaming (The Sims 3). About a month ago, I put a second hand AMD HD 6670 that I got off eBay into it and it's been running perfectly using the latest Beta drivers since.

Yesterday it was turned on and the PC was really playing up - Random black lines through the Windows screen, black blotches on the screen and blue screening regularly with the message 'Attempt to reset the display driver failed'. If I do a complete uninstall of the drivers so it is using the Windows 7 standard VGA driver the machine works fine and doesn't blue screen. I have tried completely removing the drivers and putting them on again and also completely removing them and putting the latest stable drivers on but as soon as either of these are put back on the machine starts to have its issues again.

Any idea what the problem could be? Is it possible that it is the card itself rather than the drivers? As I said, it was running fine on the latest Beta drivers for almost a month before this started.

Any help would be brilliant.

Thanks in advance.
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