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6870 Dual Display issues

December 27, 2012 5:56:53 PM

Current setup:
Windows 7
6870 MSI, not sure exact model number.

Everything was working great the past two years, I have two monitors, a DVI and a VGA. I have the VGA hooked up to the top port, using a DVI adapter, the DVI has always been plugged into the bottom port.

I work from home and plugged my DVI monitor to my docking station so I could dual display my work laptop.

After I was done I went back to my desktop I plugged it back and rebooted. I am not sure what happened but the PC will no longer display anything with both monitors plugged in anymore.

Here is what I know,

*when I have both the monitors plugged in the PC will boot, IE I hear the Windows load chime
*Same thing happens if I have only the DVI monitor plugged in the bottom port
*When I have the vga plugged in the top port only everything works

The DVI monitor works, I have verified this, also when I have it plugged in the bottom port I am getting a signal sent to it, as the screen will switch from no signal received more to a blank screen as soon as I power up the desktop.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated :)