How intense would 3 monitors be?

Hello there.

I'm currently running an.

I7-2600k @ 4.5 & a GTX 670 ASUS.

I currently have a HANNS.G 1920x1080p HD monitor & a ACER 1680x1050 Monitor hooked up.

If i were to add a 1280x1024 VGA monitor.

How much FPS/SPEED/GPU usage would i lose?
Would i lose much? Or any at all.

-Another Quick Question-
If i put my windows 7 theme from Areo to NON-Areo. Would i gain FPS as well.
As people actually recommend doing that for a slightly faster pc in "Gaming & Editing"

Any help i would be grateful and i will +1 your profiles, Thanks.

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  1. The gpu definitely slowdown by handling 3 moniters.
    two moniters are enough for that gpu.
  2. I currently run 1 or 2 gtx 470s in sli or surround with 1, 2 , or 3 monitors depending on my mood.

    Normally I run games like PS2 or Blops2 on the main screen and the second screen has steam friends, core temp, afterburner, and maybe even an avi playing in VLC. I notice no frame dip at all. If there is one it is around 1%.

    All 3 screens are at 1920x1080 at 60hz.
    Running games in surround, now that is a different animal. running 5760x1080 cuts the FPS down to about 30% of what it is at 1920x1080.
  3. Non auro theme u get extra 1fps.
    3Moniters the Gpu handle but at medium gaming screens become shadows.
  4. If you were gaming across all three...I would say you would lose a lot but not sure if you can since your monitors are 3 different resolutions.

    Say your running a video on one screen, hardware monitoring on the other and gaming on your center one. I would guess about 10%-15%. So on average 5 to maybe 10 FPS pending on the game.
  5. Ok thanks!

    I will just keep with 2 screens.
    But a tiny small screen i would not expect to do much.

    For a £314 card. That seems lame :L
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