Gtx 670 way too big

I bought a gtx 670 galaxy edition and its too big for my whole motherboard litreally. All I'm asking for is a little help from the gtx 670 users out there. Are there any custom desktops that would be able to attach the gtx 670. My games lag when I play .... huge let down for the holiday break.

Hp pavalion desktop
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  1. Buy a new case.
  2. Could you name a few.....
  3. BambiForBuilding said:
    Hp pavalion desktop

    There's your problem. Those things, along with most other made-for-retail desktops, don't have cases and component layouts designed with enthusiast graphics cards in mind. You would have to replace the entire case with a roomier one, but there's also no guarantee that the HP motherboard was designed with any other case in mind: if it has some sort of proprietary front USB/power button/LED connector on there (which some do) then you can't move the motherboard.

    You may very well be screwed unless you contact HP and ask if it is possible to do what I am suggesting, if they say it is okay.
  4. I appreciate the fast replies! Right now i'm currently searching for a whole new computer in order to make this graphic card work, do you have any layouts I could try?
  5. so the lesson here - dont stick things where they dont fit.

    return the gtx670, look at the specks of your pc -
    what is the cpu? is it even worth putting a better graphics card in or is the cpu too slow anyway?

    What are the specs of the PSU? can it even power the card you want to run? The specs are normally written on the side ofthe psu.

    Do you have enough space to put any graphics card? Find one that will fit and get that one.
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