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could someone tell me if changing motherboard affects on gaming fps, cuz i just bought new cpu gpu and psu and i used old motherboard which said it wasn't even compatible with the cpu i had but still ran very smooth, but then i switched to a new motherboard and suddenly my games give very big lag spikes or lag constant like Far cry 3 and Skyrim.
GPU: XFX Radeon HD 7850
CPU: Phenom II x4 965 BE
PSU: 600W
RAM: 4GB <-- I could upgrade but it shouldn't be causing the lag
So if anyone could tell me what is causing the lagginess with the new motherboard <-- It is K9A2-CF If anyone interested
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  1. That motherboard (K9A2-CF) Shouldn't work with your CPU. Your CPu is an AM3 socket and the motherboard is AM2/AM2+. I would guess that the motherboard is limiting your CPU in some way or ways. (disabling cores and lowering clock speed)
  2. But don't AM2+ support AM3 processors ? i thought it was like that
  3. And the box says AM3 CPU Ready and AMD Phenom II x4 Ready, also it's 125w cpu support
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