nForce onboard sound Vs Creative's Audigy

That's right. nVidia's nForce onboard sound V Creative's best- Audigy Platinum EX. How come no ones talking about this and theres no reviews out there??

I've seen reviews about these sound systems on their own, but how come there isnt one where these 2 beasts are one on one? Audigy is supposed to be the best standalone sound card and nForce is the best onboard sound system and is supposed to have extremely powerful features which even the audigy doesnt have (eg 256 hardware channels, and more 3d channels than the audigy)

Yet, i havent seen a single comparison between these two sound systems.
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  1. Never mind...

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  2. In my opinion if you are serious about sound, a person would want an audigy. It is a very high quality card. The signal to noise ratio is great. Also creative invented EAX, which is used in a lot of games. The nforce sound chip is great (its the same one used in the X-Box I think) but the audigy is a litte bit better.
  3. What sound cards have you had experience with? Just curious.

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  4. My two year old Vortex2 card sounds better than an Audigy, Aureal invented A3D, A3D 2.0 is far superior to any EAX version, so I'll be using this card until it's no longer supported by software.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  5. Don't forget the Videologic Sonic Fury/Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. This card is often overlooked, but most reviews rate it better than the SB Live! series.

  6. Yes, in fact many people in the forum switched over to the Santa Cruz when they found it nearly impossible to get their Vortex2 cards to work under Win2k or on VIA equiped boards. Most of them said it sounded almost as good.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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