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A few days ago I decided to try out the trial for an mmorpg called Rift. The first day I had no problems. The next day I was playing and all of sudden I started getting messed up purple pixels popping up everywhere and then my pc froze. I had to manually restart using the button on the tower. I tried the game again and had the same problem, so I figured there was a problem with Rift and my graphics drivers. No other game was having any problems before this. I figured maybe I should try updating my drivers. I grabbed the newest drivers and tried again. Same problem when trying to play Rift. After that I just decided to not bother with Rift for now.

Now a bigger problem has arrived. Today when I first got on my computer I started getting bsod while playing a beta for another game. After restarting my computer, I am now unable to boot my pc past the windows logo. In the middle of the windows logo animation I get a bsod and the pc restarts.

I am able to get to the desktop in safe mode. So I proceeded to uninstall my display drivers. Upon reboot I can get to the desktop while not in safe mode, but as soon as I install any type of drivers for my gtx 570 I start getting bsod again. I have tried a couple older driver versions as well and have the same problem.

Anyone have any idea what is going on here? Everything was working fine until I tried playing Rift, then everything just went downhill from there. I am hoping that my graphics card isn't just crapping out on me, but at this point if I knew that was the problem for sure I would just buy another and be done with it.
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  1. clean the dust from inside your case
    load the latest drivers and a temp monitoring utility and monitor your temps while playing.
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