Is this artifacting?

Alright so i've been having this problem for months. I thought it was my monitor so I saved up. I'm still having this problem where it seems like the colour is messed up. I asked this in the monitor forum and someone said it's related to my graphics card (Radeon 7850). Here is a picture of what's happening there are "circles" and they flicker on my screen.
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  1. Plug the monitor into another computer. If you still see the problem, it's the monitor's fault. If it's fine, its your graphics card.
  2. not exactly sure if that would be considered artifacting could be your screen bleeding. You could always run furmark if you want to try and duplicate it with a graphic stress test.

    +To AMD Fan girl that is a excellent way to test it out for sure.
  3. It's the graphics card. Anyway to fix it? Could it be a settings problem? Or do I have to buy a new graphics card.
  4. What drove you to the conclusion that it was the card. Just trying to make sure everything was checked.
  5. You can take a screenshot with the print screen key on your keyboard. Then just paste into Paint, save it and you can show us. If the screenshot contains those artefacts, it's your card. If not, it's your monitor.
  6. he has a picture link up above sir.
  7. Yeah but it's a photo, not a screenshot. So could be either device.
  8. Quite true it could be not likely but yea why don't you do that use print screen paste into microsoft paint and save as a jpg upload it to a site like img shack which you used and post the link you can have it display without having us go to the link by placing the link between this code
  9. Agreed - it's probably the graphics card like OP is thinking. Knowing how to take screenshots if a useful thing to know anyway though, plus I'm curious to see it properly :-)
  10. Ill put a screenshot when i get a chance on my computer. Although im positive its my graphics card because this is the second monitor ive tried but the same result
  11. I think me and sam agree with you as well but we'd like to see a screen shot taken from the screen itself because its a good way to tell the difference between an issue with the screen versus a issue with the graphics card.
    It's there, kind of hard to see cause it was dark.
  13. It would help if the screenshot wasn't scaled down so much, but I'm not seeing a problem there. Just a solid black window from the looks of it with a crosshair.
  14. You don't see the gradient lines? Theres about 5 of them.
  15. What does the rest of your system look like do you have another card you can try out and see if the problem persists.
  16. Hard to say but based on the coloring of the circles it looks like a monitor issue to me.

    edit: almost looks like the same coloring when you get a magnet too close to the screen on old CRT's but I've never seen circling like that.
  17. Yea see and that is what we were trying to figure out its quite possible that its a dead pixel or stuck pixel. But lines I don't know that sounds more graphic card oriented if you have onboard I would seriously try that out and see if that changes anything.
  18. The circles flicker and move as I move the camera screen. I don't think it is monitor related as I've tried 2 different DVI cables and 2 different monitors. Someone said it could be banding? I googled it and it looked like colour banding.
  19. That would be a very weird effect for a video card to generate. Thin Blue/purple edge of the ring followed by thick green section then repeating. If it's happened on multiple monitors you have to then suspect video card, as you said you do, but that definitely looks more like an effect on the surface of the screen. I would question if there may be something near the monitors(s) that is causing some sort of magnetic distortion rings or something. I know that sounds crazy unlikely though. What's the white + in the middle of the screen where it still looks normal?
  20. I have also noticed this while playing battlefield 3, but it isn't as noticable in a bright environment.

    That white + is just part of the game. There nothing that could be around my monitor causing this. Could it just be colour dithering/banding? If it is could I fix it in the settings.
  21. Banding results from a gradual change in color shade that isn't being properly represented due to low color bit settings or such. What you have doesn't really look like that because I don't see any color change on your desktop image. What you have just looks like a repeating pattern of colors radiating from the center of the screen which is still normal.
    All I can recommend at this point though is the same as everyone else. Try a different video card or see if it's visible in a screen shot as someone else mentioned.

    You say the + is part of the game but all I see on the screen are large and small light and dark squares. I assume it is your desktop.
  22. Alright thanks. Bummer if it is my graphics card since I can't return it anymore.
  23. Short warranty you have there. Upgrade excuse though!
  24. His card is still fairly new in terms of a manufacture warranty. The white line elements made me think it was more artifacts then anything the other effects could be screen bleeding which would be a monitor element. But if hes moved from one monitor to another and the same thing persists its more likely more then not a graphic card issue and you should RMA with the company that had made your card.
  25. Only time I've ever seen a warranty of less than a year was an XFX card with 3 months. Which is the same company that offered lifetime warranties in North America. I don't get why they vary so much by country.
  26. Well they vary so much by country because out of country shipping is very expensive in some cases if they were to send a item say from the states to a country I'll use an example Sweeden it would cost a arm and a leg to get it there. So I think they do it to conserve on cost and be cheap with the consumer because they don't have a office nearby to ship for cheaper.
  27. Do you know the technical term for this for when I return it? Also do you think it's possible that something is messed with the colour settings? Cause I've noticed this happening it looks like colour banding.
  28. I would tell them that your card is producing artifacts that you are receiving color anomalies and lines that you spoke about surely they will understand at that point.
  29. You could also link them to this thread.
  30. That as well you do have proof of the matter.
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