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I just want some feedback on my build, I would like it to stay under $600 and it would be used for gaming/school work. I am majoring in computer science.

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  1. Do you plan on overclocking the CPU? If not, there are some changes we can make.
  2. There is a publicly available spreadsheet listing power phase information for a great many AMD motherboards. It is blocked at work, but someone else may have it. MSI boards, especially their budget offerings, are frequently called out for having weak VRMs that are particularly unsuited for overclocking. I'd stick to Asus, ASRock, or Gigabyte.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153165
    dont need that much power. get a cheaper psu and put the money into a better processor.

    also look for a 2GB version of that card, 1GB could choke you.

    dont spend that much on ram if you're trying to save money.
    these are perfectly acceptable.
  4. also, along with what onus said... look for a gigabyte or an asus mobo.
  5. Thanks, yeah I probably won't overclock. Also do you have any suggestions about the processor or video card itself? Can I get better performance from another option
  6. That Thermaltake PSU is fecal; it is an obsolete design that is inefficient and overrated. The only PSU I know of without active PFC (has a little voltage switch) that I could recommend is the Antec VP-450.
  7. as far as a mobo,
    should do fine for a more.... budget oriented one.
  8. ik it has no active pfc, but they do not have a history of failing. it is an ok one if you just want a cheap psu. it's made bt FSP, so it's really just a good cheap one. It DOES have all sorts of over voltage, under voltage, over current, and under curret protection. I have the 600W and know others that have the 500-600 W versions and they have no problems.

    I'm also not saying that there are better ones that go on sale if you can find them, this one is just ALWAYS cheaper due to no 80+ rating.

    I just looked and they are both made by FSP. saying one is bad would mean the other one is equally as bad.
  9. ^Yes, if you go AMD, that Gigabyte is a good choice. Be careful of some of the ASRock "970" boards; they really aren't, but use the older 770 with a 710 Southbridge.
  10. Thermalfake has several lines of PSUs called "TR2." According to http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/power-supply-oem-manufacturer,2913-9.html they are made by lots of different companies. The newer ones are ok, but have Active PFC; the older ones are not.
    The Antec VP-450 is indeed made by FSP, and is efficient enough for 80+; disqualified for not having active PFC. It scored a Golden award at HardwareSecrets, and is also inexpensive.
  11. yeah, the one I linked is made by HEC, so what's the problem with it? I can see others are bad, but, that one would be OK I would think.

    meh, w/e either are fine
  12. Personally, I would not install a HEC device in my PC. Some of their newest "Cougar" models are ok, but afaik even they may not be that good.
    The best advice when looking for a PSU is to find competent technical reviews of it. Good sources for such reviews include HardwareSecrets, Jonnyguru, HardOCP, and Anandtech. Technical forums may also have discussions about a particular model.
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