MS office home and student 2007 won't install on my new windows 7 laptop

I've just bought a new Dell Inspiron laptop with windows 7, and i'm having problems installing MS Office.

I've got a copy of MS Office that can be installed on 3 pc' new laptop being the third, but when I insert the disc it doesn't read it at all!

Can anyone help?

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  1. Can it read other disks? Have you checked the disk to make sure its clean, sometimes a small dirty patch can stop it from being installed. Wipe it with a soft lint free cloth wiping from the centre out.
    Not being able to read the disk has nothing to do with how many times it's been installed, that's a harware problem, either drive or disk.
  2. 1. does the CD-DVD drive read other disks
    2. does the MS Office disk work in another computer
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