:whistle: :heink: :pt1cable: :hello: :sol: :ouch: :ange: :non: :bounce: hey guys and gals, i really need some help, i have various levels of budget i am willing to go for , dependant upon performance? could someone, anyone , help me with ;
if i build a pc,
for 500£ , a list of what i would need and get, the best i could get,
for 800£ ;
andfor 1000£;

i would like a good graphics card, mother board, effiecient heat control, cool cheap ergonomical case, decent power supply, over or equal to 16gb ram and room for more, maybe 2 graphics cards? ssd for boot, 1 TB storage, standard dvd readerwriter, maybe blueray? sany qustions please ask!!!! :bounce: :love: :sarcastic:
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  1. 2 graphics cards is NOT the way to start a machine!

    You leave room for expandability after getting the best u can afford.

    Also, you won't need any more than 8GB RAM unless you are running virtual machines. More doesn't help when you already have enough, and 8GB is enough for 95% of PC users.
  2. So, what is this for? Gaming? Productivity? Image Rendering?
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