Im planing to upgrade mobo,cpu,ram

OK my question i guess how will a upgrade to new z77 mobo, ivy 3470, ddr3 ram
affect the performance of my two gtx 560 ti 448 ftw in sli will i see a huge increase
in my performance.

And because of the extra speed of the ivy cpu, 3.0 pcie, and ddr3
will it make it better for running 3-way sli

by the way im now running evga 780i
q6600, ddr2 800, 2x gtx 560 ti 448 :sol:
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  1. if you want to go with 3470 then dont get z77 chipset
    i have seen 20-30fps boost when I had two gtx 280's with q6600 and upgrading to 2500k and z77 chipset. i would suggest saving up more and get unlocked K series itnel cpu as with dual graphics solutions they will get utilized more with high frequency cpu's..
  2. so i could get a slower 2500k and get better performance from my cards?
    and is the 2500k an ivy bridge or gen 2 sandy bridge?
    i think the 3470 is ivy bridge witch has 3.0 ability
    where as sandy dont
    and the price is more for the 2500k
  3. Get the 3570K. PCI3 doesn't matter with your cards, but it might if you upgrade in a couple of years.

    If you simply can't afford it, a 3470 should still help some.
  4. thanks decided on the z77 by AS ROCK
    ivy 3570k
    8GB 1600
    gonna stay with my 560 448 x 2 for awhile yet i think, just got the second one two months
    ago the price finally got to a point that adding water blocks was feasible
    but im hoping for a big jump in performance from my epic bottle necked that
    was my q6600, 780i,and ddr2
    people have said that SLI 2 and 3 way works better with faster mobo, ram, cpu
    of the 3.0 verity. :hello:
  5. If you remember to and have time, please post back to this thread with your thoughts after you get it squared away. Inquiring minds want to know!
  6. i know it was a long time ago but i wound up getting a gigabyte 990fxa-ud7, amd fx8350 8x, 32GB beast 1600mhz, 2x120GB ssd in rade0,
    2x GTX560TI 448 in sli, 1.5TB seagate back up exturnel, water cooled the cpu, graphics cards single loop w/xspc dual bay res/pump.
    costum stormtrooper case to fit water cooling ill post the picks of it soon as i figer out how
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