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SLi Bridge for Physx?

Hey guys, so I was gonna run SLi but one of my GTX 460s is broken, so I am returning that and getting a GTX 660. I was planning on running the GTX 660 as a main GPU while the GTX 460 runs all of my Physx. I don't think that I need a SLi bridge to do that, but would I need it to have the cards communicate with each other or something? Also, I heard Physx can be used in BF3, how do I turn it on? I couldn't find the setting.

Thank you!
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    An SLi bridge is not required, in the Nv control panel you will find the option for dedicating the second card to Physx duty.
  2. maybe i get it wrong but your broken 460 replaced with 660?
  3. thats what he said alright. <two thumbs up>
  4. Okay thanks guys! I didn't think I needed it, but I wasn't 100% sure.

    @Renz: Yes, I was gonna SLi two GTX 460s, but one broke so I am gonna run a GTX 660 as a main and a GTX 460 for Physx.
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