Trouble with EVGA GeForce GTX 660Ti 2048MB

Hello guys!
I'm in need of some help with a problem I bumped into while building my first own real gaming pc.
First of all I think I need to write what parts I'm using:

EVGA GeForce GTX 660Ti 2048MB GPU
Fractal Design Integra R2 500W 80+ Bronze PSU
ASRock Z77 Pro4 Motherboard
I think that's the only parts which has anything to do with my problem.

The problem is that I don't know which cables from the PSU to connect with the graphic card. If I remove the GPU completely the rest of the stuff works as it should and I can enter the Bios. But as soon as I try to connect the GPU it wont work.
The cables I have from the PSU that I have left (not plugged in anywhere) is 2 of the 4-pin things on the same cable in this pic and one of the 6-pin in this pic: the 6-pin also got 2 extra pins on the side.
I tried to search on the internet to solve my problem but I couldn't find any help since my GPU got room for two pieces of 6-pins, and in the manual it says that I have to use both of them in order for it to work.
I do also have adapters to change the two 4-pins into one 6-pin.

I'd be very happy if you guys could help me with my problem, and if you need more info about anything regarding what parts I have for my pc, feel free to ask :)
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  1. I can't see your pic but generally - use the 6 pin you already have and use the adapter to make the one you don't have.
  2. Just like he said. Attach the 6 pin and use the adapater for you to have another 6 pin. the extra 2 pin on your 6 pin is for those that uses 8 pin. You can disregard them if you don't need them.
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