Upgrade mobo/cpu/ram worthwhile?

Hey I'm looking to upgrade a few system parts and first off, IS this worth the trouble? and can I make a good buck off the parts I'm upgrading or should I not bother at all?

Approximate Purchase Date: N/A
Budget Range: $400-475
System Usage from Most to Least Important: Mostly a gaming machine.
Parts Not Required: case, psu, hd/ssd, dvd drive, graphics card, monitor
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: * or better if cheaper *
Country: Canada
Parts Preferences: Asus, Coolermaster, Intel, G.skill, nvidia
Overclocking: Yes 4.0 or better on a CM212+ cpu cooler
SLI or Crossfire: sli
Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments:
Really wondering if the Core i5 3570 can out perform a i7-930 OC @ 4.1ghz * besides heat and power consumption *.
I know I can unlock the full speed of my Agility 4 ssd and hopefully have some other gains - upgrading parts with your help.

My build as of writing..

CPU: core i7 930 @ 4.1Ghz * Upgrade *
MOBO: Asus P6X58D Premium * Upgrade *
RAM: 6GB 2GBx3 Gskill tripple channel F312800CL7-2GBPI * Upgrade *
CPU COOLER: CM Hyper 212+ * Might need to upgrade cooler also.. *
PSU: Corsair TX850W
HDD: 1TB Caviar Black WD
SSD: OCZ Agility 4
GPU: Asus GTX 480
Case/Enclosure: Antec 1200

Hope I got the post right, Thanks
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  1. i'd wait for Haswell 4570k (will be another 10% faster and a new Tick so will surely overclock better than an Ivy "tock" cpu) as you already have a decent build for now...

    ***Intel release in TICK TOCK the TICK is the new architecture like Sandy bridge was a lot better than older I7 but the TOCK is the smaller manufacturing process (32mm sandy to 22nm Ivy) but it's the same architecture, just smaller, Haswell will be a new thing so will be better than today's Ivy and overclock really well as the 22nm (or better) is now completly known and they know how to have good results with now...
  2. I don't think you will see any improvement in anything if you upgrade. The i7-930 is pretty fast, spending like 250 on a i5-3570k will get you like 10-20% more cpu power. But then what? Your games go from 60fps to 70fps?

    Same thing with going from a x58 to a z77. No real gain there. So you get sata 3, yah thats nice but with your SSD BF will load in 20 seconds instead of 25? CoD games will still load in like 2 seconds. Is that worth 100 bucks?

    The ram upgrade will do almost nothing for games. Toms has done like 5 ram articles over the past few years and anything over 1300-1600 only provides 2 -5% increase in fps. More ram wont help because most games only use 4 or so any way. So far planet side 2 is the only game I have seen that makes my ram usage get to around 6gb.

    GPU upgrade might do more for your gamming than a new CPU and board.
    Maybe try to score a second GTX480, I see them on ebay some times for like $150.

    Best bet is to wait a year or so and see what the xbox and PS "Next" do to the industry. Maybe a haswell CPU.
  3. Nope, not worth upgrade mobo/CPU/RAM.
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    Upgrade to Haswell or even the next CPU after that.

    You really won't notice a difference. Just wait for the CPU to die hahaha.
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  6. Lol the Asus p6x58D premium says its SATA III but it has 5GB speeds the marvel controller is a joke. Anyway I still get some fun from a ssd on SATA II. I'll get a GTX 660 or better soon as I drop major fps in gamess. I was thinking of a extra 480 a long time ago but this thing hits 3800rpm (loud) at 80C lol I don't notice or care much but two would be overkill. I can't wait for a lower powered cpu also!... If it was based upon power savings I think switching would be a good idea no? Anyway, thanks for your help peeps! This rig is still bad a$# as I assumed :D
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