Code 12 error with gtx 560

Hello, so ive had my computer running fine for over a year now and recently my hdd decided to die on me. so i replaced it, and during this process i lost all my drivers and what not. long story short i cant get my evga gtx 560 ti to install on my computer anymore. the card has been through an RMA and im sure that its working because its been tested on another computer. i just cant seem to get it to work on mine. when i go into device manager i get a code 12 error saying that it doesnt have enough resources to install. everything in my computer is the same except the hardrive so i cant seem to find the reason why it wont install now for me. any help with this would be gladly appreciated.

Computer Specs:
cpu: amd phenom || x4 820
psu: ultra x4 750 w
mb: pegatron violet6
gpu: gtx 560 ti
ram: 8gb

Thanks in advance for any help
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  1. go into your bios and reset your pci bus, sometimes call reset configuration data (or simular),
    if you can't find the setting try assign irq to vga to enabled.
    If that fails or you can't find it then clear your cmos settings.
    Lastly, disable all the features you dont use, like serial ports, parallel ports...
  2. thanks for your help. it makes me feel really dumb that all i needed was a cmos reset. ive been to 2 computer stores to try and get this issue fixed. just for the record best buy was one of them. but atleast its fixed now.. thanks!
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