Is 49 degrees celsius to much?

So i was running core temp after installing my new gpu xfx radeon 7850, and noticed that while i was doing heavier gaming, my cpu temp is getting up to 49 degrees Celsius. I have a Phenom ii x4 965 BE . With the stock cooler. I do not overclock or anything so no tampering has been done. Is this temp a threat at all or acceptable?
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  1. Anyone? i am kind of afraid to play games on it now, if it is to hot.
  2. That is a fine temperature. Continue to game away :D
  3. the temps are just fine you should start to worry if it starts to peak around 80
  4. 49c is pretty good temps for a stock cooler cooled CPU. you can probably do some overclocking
  5. ohh, well thanks guys! that is reassuring. I would be tempted to overclock just do not dare mess anything up =)
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