Ok so i was wondering which would be better for my new setup. im trying to choose between i5-3670k and amd fx-8150. i would like it to push my games as much as possible. i have read all kinds of stuff and it seems the i5 would be better for the games? i not quite sure which way to go since both builds would be like a dollar or 2 apart.
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  1. give me a budget, location, if you are going to overclock, and if you are going to do a dual video card config in the future. ill suggest a build

    the i5 3570k smacks the 8150 in the face in everything. if it was the 8350 it would be around tied (with the 8350 beating it in multi-threaded apps like photoshop)
  2. ok well im in the usa and looking to spend below $500, i have some parts i was going to use from my last one. like case, video card, hdds and dvd burner. all i need is the cpu, mobo and ram. ill be upgrading the video card in a few weeks, but the one i have will suffice till then. dont much care about overclocking, as long as the games look nice. was considering dual video cards but im not sure if i would even need that.
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